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We are first time customers and we picked up yesterday and had two NY strips for dinner. Oh my goodness...delicious!!! You have a return customer for sure :)
Thanks for all the hard work! It’s paying off. - 
Christy, Ranchos de Albuquerque

We want you to know that we have NOT had this delicious meat since we left Illinois almost 7 yrs. ago.  It is wonderful and we have already told friends how great it is.  Where's the beef, definitely at KW Farms!  Thank you and we will be ordering again. - Bailey, CO

Thank you for your kind assistance. We are new customers and have been very impressed with the quality of the product. We believe strongly in supporting our local farmers and ranchers and much prefer to work directly than go through the big chain supermarkets. We were thrilled to discover your services and really appreciate that you haul the meat for us all the way to Bailey once a month. We prefer pastured meat and organic vegetables and fruits and believe that good food should cost some money. You can’t eat well on dollar burgers and expect to stay healthy. You’re either paying for the food or paying the medical bills for eating crap..... We do realize that raising food is a seasonal operation and understand that not every product will be available at every delivery and that’s fine with us. Actually that’s how it should be. I grew up on a farm and it’s so good to get back to eating closer to the farm and earth. Thank you for providing fresh, pasture raised meat to those of us who would prefer to work with the rancher than the supermarket.....If more people really cared about the quality of the food they ate, big food companies wouldn’t have a chance. -Debi, Bailey, CO

It is of great importance to me to be able to include healthy, locally raised, grass-fed meat as a regular part of my diet. KW Farms makes that possible in my area. I am able to order meat directly from the privacy of my home, select from a variety of meat package options, and can depend on the order being delivered on time with a smile. The entire process is convenient, efficient, enjoyable and very affordable. I am never disappointed. - Kerry, Ranchos de Albuquerque

The dedication and care that John and Trudi Kretsinger put into their operation comes through in every bite, in the beauty of their land and life. I and many of my friends will only eat KW Beef. - Frances, Alamosa

Feeding my children and myself this healthy and delicious meat from a known and trusted source is very important to me. My children ask for their meat when I am preparing meals because they can taste the difference. -Athena, Boulder

Not only are the Kretsingers good stewards of their (and the San Luis Valley’s) soil and water and committed to expanding the local food economy, they are good stewards of our earth. I listen to them, I learn from them, I trust their judgment implicitly. It is of great importance to me to be able to include healthy, locally raised, delicious meat as a regular part of my diet, and KW Farms makes that possible in my area. In fact, I buy beef only from the Kretsingers and I encourage my friends in the Boulder/Denver area to order from them, too. In that way I know that I, my family, and others whom I care about will have wonderful and nourishing food! -Mary, Boulder

We now serve KW meat exclusively in our home in Bailey. And we frequently buy their high-quality, good-tasting products as gifts for family members and neighbors so they, too, can enjoy this amazing organic meat. Since finding the Kretsinger Farm meat we have introduced their products to many neighbors and friends in this area. We will continue to do so. We buy Colorado products whenever they are available. This meat and this family’s work to supply it have shown us how important it is to do so. - Cheryl, Bailey

Trudi, I just wanted to let you know we had your rib eye's last night - four of us, and we ALL wanted to tell you how absolutely amazing they were.  Really. "Tell your friend….Where can I get these?" etc etc - and this from a rancher as one at the table.They were really superb in every way, so I thank you! -Deborah Madison, Santa Fe

I trust Trudi and John to do the right thing on my behalf and uphold the values I hold dear. If it weren’t for them, I would almost never eat meat. - Lauren, Boulder