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Spring is not only in the air, it's on the ground

March 10, 2017

What does Spring look like in the SLV?

It looks like a long, hopeful, stroll towards the warmth and green of summer....with a whole lotta wind, snow, and mud along the way...just to make things interesting. Even though the transition can be arduous, there are moments of great joy in the midst. Today was one of those. John looked out the dining room window today and remarked, "Well well...I can see green in the field today! I looked for it yesterday and I couldn't see it....but today I can!". Green is no small thing around here. It marks the beginning of inspired eating for our cows....and inspired planning/planting for our rancher.  Pasture is at the heart of what we do.

This Fall, John planted rye, a cool season annual grass, that was left to hibernate and has just started to pop up out of the ground and announce itself.  Another beautiful sign that Spring is in the air.  Our cows are raised on pastures with various types of grasses, which John and Trudi call their "salad mix."  This "salad mix" is a careful plan for diversity in the plants that our cows eat.  Diversity is necessary in all walks of life and holds true in how we feed our cows as well.   

Diversity in the plants that cows eat increases the flavor of the meat.  We also believe in providing a variety of plants because it is good for our soil as well and soil is an extremely important and vital part of our lives. 

We work as hard as we can to keep the grass greener on our side!

Our cows are never fed any type of grain at any point in their lifetime.  You might wonder how we feed our cattle through the winter, especially in the San Luis Valley.  The way we get through winter is by feeding the cattle stored forages (plants) or hay that is made in the summer.  This is fed to them in the pasture to make sure that they are getting all of the nutrients they need.  We sure are glad for the time to be coming around for the cows to be able to take advantage of the lush, green plants we've been planning and planting soon!

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