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Some thoughts about how big small is

October 11, 2017

 We are just beginning to feel the first hints of Fall. Mornings are refreshingly chilly, but the tomatoes are still ripening on the vine. The fact that it will all be a memory in a few short weeks makes us all the more appreciative of that fresh heirloom tomato.

  We know that our customers LOVE the variety of meats that we are able to offer through KW Farms....and we know that it is very difficult to be patient as we wait out these droughts in our favorites. (Can you say "Bacon"?)  

   We would love to be able to provide unlimited amounts of bacon and pork chops and ground lamb, etc....but alas...we would not be able to do so without compromising who we are at our core. We are a small scale producer, and we partner with other small scale producers. We choose to do this very intentionally.  It is extremely important that we practice protocols in raising meat that are good for the animals, support the earth, and the health of our customers. It is extremely important that our customers KNOW that they can trust us and our partners.      

...and here's the thing...     

In a certain way of looking at it, running out of bacon is a good sign.     

Not having any lamb in August is a good sign.     

It means that the farmer you are purchasing from has a small herd. Small enough that they see each of their hogs every day and probably give them a little pat here and there. Small enough that they are walking around the field with their sheep and notice when something is amiss. Small enough that they can round up their herd and send them to a new field to graze when they see that the current field has had enough. They are watching carefully what they are eating and how they are growing. They KNOW their animals...and they partner with their animals.    

 Such care is difficult for much larger operations to provide., dear customer, get to partner with us on this important mission. You get to be a part of the ebb and flow of the seasons. You get to walk with us when something goes wonky and the hogs just aren't growing at the rate we thought they would. You get to feel the discomfort that comes from not meeting a butchering deadline and having to wait it out until another slot opens up. You get to support small scale growers and you get to eat the high quality product that can only come from these intentional, thoughtful practices and protocols. You get to go on this journey with us and we are SO very thankful for you!!    

 Unless something very unusual happens we will have more pork by early October from our new partner, Mitch Buhr, of Bountiful Ventures in Bountiful, Colorado, in the southern part of the San Luis Valley.  We have gotten to know Mitch and his family at the Alamosa Farmers' Market and appreciate his approach and his hard work. Find more information on our website about the Buhr's operation.     

Along with the usual cuts, we'll have the sausage and other charcuterrie products (INCLUDING BACON) that Lucas Salazar makes for us.        

The lamb will take a little longer, but we should be back in stock by mid-December with Elena Miller's lamb.  We do still have a few leg of lamb roasts,  rib roasts, and hocks (MAKE GREAT GREEN CHILI!).     

Thank you for your understanding. In this lovely partnership, we consider our customers the keystone.  

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