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Not all grass is created equal! Cattle utilize these forages to make a full diet. Interestingly, the more diverse the plant diet of a cow, the more flavorful the meat!
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Time to put some meat on the grill! Enjoy these recipes for using some "off the beaten path" cuts.
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EARTH DAY is rapidly approaching - I am blessed to live in a beautiful and comparatively un-touched part of Colorado. I can walk out my door and listen to a myriad of birds who have started to sing their hearts out in the past few weeks. I can look East and gaze at Mt Blanca who loves to take on a new look from day to day, and takes my breath away each and every time I see her. I can soak in the joy of my six year old showing me the first lady bug of the season. Will there still be lady bugs for my grandchildren to see?